Research and Development is absolutely crucial if you want to stay competitive. Not only does it help you improve your products based on market insights, it also helps you develop new products for a market that’s always hungry for new designs.

The problem is, good R&D costs money. A LOT of it.

How are individuals, small- to medium-sized companies supposed to compete with that? And if their R&D budget is many times the size of yours, you can bet that they research many more improvements and develop many more products than you can, in a much faster time—which means many, many more customers will go to them instead of you.
It’s a classic problem: the small guy just doesn’t have enough money to compete with the big guy.

Michio can help you out with that, totally FREE.

Michio’s library provides the inspiration you need to run wild with your ideas. But that’s not the only way we can help out.

MICHIO has prepared a huge library with hundreds of thousands of latest models, updated continuously every month to support you in the digital transformation process for R&D, Sales, Marketing activities, and even Manufacturing if you need us to be deeply involved.

These models, after being customized for your business if needed (for example, changing the size, style or adding a vivid 3-D LOGO to the product,...) can be further added with material images or surface designs to create UNLIMITED inventory units of the same basic design (SKU - stock keeping unit).

The good news is that you don't need to stock up anything at all!

This whole operation only needs 1 staff who knows basic Photoshop to be able to create EVERY DAY hundreds of new product designs, thousands of standard images of marketing assets that can be used immediately according to the intention of the Sales and Marketing department, opening up UNLIMITED possibilities for product research and development, market exploration, online sales, showroom sales, distributor sales, global sales, etc. ..


If you happen to see a design you want to edit, you can contact Michio and ask us to build a 3D prototype of your idea, complete with your brand on it. You can then preview this prototype on your own platform or sites like eBay, Facebook, Instatgram, Twitter,... to immediately see what customers think of it. You can test the waters in your target market using any of our FREE services, including product photos, 360-degree product views, room scenes, and more.

It’s like Michio does the design research, artistic development, prototype manufacturing, and market surveys all for you—and at ZERO cost. You get bulk of the work the average R&D department produces without having to pay a single penny!

Just remember: We don’t sell the designs you’ll see in our library. They’re there only for inspiration and reference. But if they spark a new idea in you, we can help you make that idea more real from scratch. We can help bring that idea to your target market. And we can help you shape the future of your brand.

You can instantly actualize every fleeting idea with 1 click.

MICHIO can create UNLIMITED models of casual wear, all possible from a few images you send us, for the purposes of Product Research & Development, Sales, Marketing.

You can also provide drafting drawing details so that our designs are absolutely accurate and you could export files immediately for production without creating any additional files.

We can also create any virtual model for your product display, according to your size, race, gender, skin tone, height, or any other physical feature you may find the most suitable. These models, once created, will be your exclusive models, wearing your products and posing in any pose you want, taking photos from as many angles as you want, all in a few minutes.

With MICHIO, only the SKY IS THE LIMIT for your Design and Marketing.