If you need to buy the service, collaboration, pre-sales information, please email us kudomichio1203@gmail.com with detailed needs or payment, we will contact you right away.


Only $0.3 per uploaded design. With every uploaded design you could generate 1 product image at the angle you choose. Pay as you go from $0.3. You can send payment to our Payeer account P1047832815 from your Credit Card, Paypal, PerfectMoney or any Crypto money.

3D product visualization made easy



MICHIO has prepared a huge library with hundreds of thousands of latest models, updated continuously every month to support you in the digital transformation process for R&D, Sales, Marketing activities, and even Manufacturing if you need us to be deeply involved.

If you happen to see a design you want, you can contact Michio and ask us to build a 3D prototype of your idea, complete with your brand on it. You can then preview this prototype on your own platform or sites like eBay, Facebook, Instatgram, Twitter,... to immediately see what customers think of it.



Not like 3D mockup that you could rotate the product to see it from every angle, AR product link helps you have an online product sample right in front of your customers, when they want, where they want, along with unlimited resources of standard marketing assets of that product, ready to promote on any of the world’s largest social platforms. Your clients could even take pictures with your product before it's acually made. Experience yourself by putting some products in your place here.



Starting a POD, packaging, clothing, or furniture business from scratch is a costly endeavor, especially when sales are rapidly shifting online. Not only will you have to invest in the design and manufacture of your products, you’ll also need to create a robust e-commerce store, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop. You’ll also need to invest a portion of your revenue into R&D to make sure your business stays relevant to the market, and that could prove costly!

Our comprehensive solutions can create an entire e-commerce store from scratch.

With Michio’s help, you can have a fully functional website before you even make your first piece of products!

We can create 3D models of your prototypes, design marketing materials for them, and set-up pre-order options on your store. It’s a fantastic way to fast-track R&D and gauge demand for your designs while earning money you can invest back into your business.

You’re saving tons of money not just on the development costs of your site, but also on the cost of manufacturing prototypes!

With Michio, you won’t need…

  • Hundreds of thousands — even millions! — of dollars in capital
  • Coding, 3D designing, web designing, hosting, video marketing, or photography skills
  • Manpower for any of your store functions
  • A manufacturing plant for your prototypes

…just to get started. Instead, our team of experts provides the skill, builds solutions around logistical issues, and SAVES YOU MILLIONS in development and manufacturing costs!